Phycoforest Photo-Bioreactor

State-of-the-Art Algae Production System

High Algae Biomass Productivity & Low Cost

Designed to efficiently produce extremely dense, pure and stable algal cultures utilizing narrow vertical tubes and a unique airlift mixing and conveying system to

optimize photosynthetic activity, nutrient delivery and gas exchange.


Features & Advantages



Narrow Tube Diameters – Short light path results in dense cultures.

Low Shear Turbulent Flow – Ensures light and nutrient delivery all cells without damage from shear stress.

Modular Design – Systems scale in size from 150l to 150,000l.

Cleanability – Systems fully disassemble for through cleaning.

Sanitization – Complete system sanitization

Efficient – Low power requirements.

Installation – System is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation. Requires no special skills or tools to assemble.

Productivity – Fast growing species such as Spirulina and Chlorella have volumetric productivities of 0.5 - 1 g/l/d



Culture Life – Continuous cultures have been maintained for over 1 year.



SIP - Sterilization in place.

The Phycoforest is a powerful tool to research,

develop, and commercialize algae biotechnology

Ideal for algae that are not suitable for pond cultivation

Available System Sizes:

15000 L

1500 L

150 L

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