Algae biotechnology is one of the most exciting

areas of research in the world today

Algae biotech can utilize the cellular machinery of algal cells as microscopic chemical factories. 

Molecules for fuel, food, feed, plastics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics can all be produced

using only sunlight, carbon dioxide and common plant fertilizers.


Closed algae photobioreactors allow for the control of the culture parameters

for the production of desired compounds.


They also do not require arable land nor large quantities of fresh water. With only 5 of the 20,000 known algal species in commercial cultivation today, the frontier of algal biotech is open before us. The growing world population puts an

ever-increasing pressure on our natural resources. The future promise of algae biotech offers the food, fuel and bioremediation the world will need and can ease the strain on our natural resources.

About the Phycoforest

Algae Photo-bioreactor

The Phycoforest photo-bioreactor was designed and developed to enable the research, development and commercialization of algal biotech, and is scalable from lab, to pilot plant, to commercial production size.


At the heart of the system is the photostage. It is an array of vertical bubble columns interconnected via a manifold. The culture is circulated via a novel airlift design. This allows for narrow tube diameters, low shear turbulent flow and effective degassing of waste 02. The control system allows for the control of nutrient levels, pH and temperature. The system is CIP and SIP capable. It is also designed to allow for a complete tear down for maintenance as required. 

1500 L

15000 L

150 L

150 L

1500 L

15000 L

Technical Data

The base system consists of the
following component systems:


  • 150-liter volume reactor

  • Milwaukee pH and Temp control system

    • Wireless pH and Temperature probes

    • Wireless Controller with Data logging

    • CO2 injection Solenoid valve

    • Pressure regulator

  • Gas diffusion system

    • linear air pump


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